QUI SI PARLA ANCHE ITALIANO    Informationen auf deutsch Zeballos - an ideal destination
for your small tour groups

Zeballos Expeditions welcomes you to Vancouver Island's West Coast!

Located in Zeballos, British Columbia's tiniest village, we provide accommodations at Cedars Inn and meals in our Blue Heron Restaurant. Services include: Sportfishing, Kayak Rentals & Transport, Water Taxi and Wildlife Viewing Tours.

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Weekends May & June 2016.
Sea otters and pups!
Stellar sea lion, humpback whale, seal, beaver, dolphins. Black bear, beaver often seen.
Less frequently: Wolf, marten, river otter, cougar, deer, elk, orca
Birds spotted on these tours include:
marbled murrelet, northern flicker, varied thrush, surf scoter, common and red-breasted mergansers, pigeon guillemot, spotted, western and least sandpipers, belted
kingfisher and Cassin's auklet, Rufous & Anna hummingbirds and nesting bald eagle.

Watch sea otters work and play in the waters around Nootka Island on Canada's Pacific Coast or watch humpback whales breach!

Water taxi service provides access to the Nootka Island Trail and the Tatchu Point Trail. Rugged Mountain, Huson Caves and abandoned gold mines are also popular hikes.

Destinations include Esperanza, Tahsis, Gold River, Friendly Cove, Nuchatlitz, Queen's Cove, Port Eliza, Weasel Creek, Oclucje, and Louie Bay.

Zeballos is a village located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.